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It's much cheaper to buy on snagRC!  snagRC saves sellers money and makes the cost of sale much more attractive compared to other sites, which allows them additional margin, passing savings onto buyers.  In addition, we give them more control over their sales and fees to buyers.

Buyers can come to snagRC and find exactly what you need.  There's no mixing of search results with items from other industries.  Find exactly what you want at a great price, made available through sellers on snagRC.  You pay no fees, you deal with reputable companies and individuals, you find the exact item/items you were looking for along with snagRC's goal of giving you a great user experience.

Key Benefits:

  • Purchase the right products at the right price
  • Final purchase price is often cheaper than other sites.  One contributing factor is that we don't charge sellers a fee on every sale.
  • Large selection of products from a large selection of sellers 
  • Ability to review seller policies
  • Ability to review and leave seller feedback
  • Ability to see and leave product feedback
  • Create a wish list, favorite sellers list and view your purchase history
  • Simple and easy checkout 
  • Secure and safe payments through PayPal
  • Integrated billing which means you don't have to log into PayPal every time you make a purchase on snagRC
  • Track and get updates on purchases

If you're not already buying on snagRC, give it a try.   We're making it easier and cheaper for buyers to purchase items!