SnagRC WIshlist


snagRC is a platform where individuals and businesses can sell and buy radio control hobby items.
- Sellers can list their items quickly and easily.
- Buyers can purchase items securely and quickly from a variety of sellers.

Whether you are an individual, retailer, manufacturer or distributor you can take advantages of the features available on snagRC to grow your business and reach a unique and targeted audience. The best part is that there is no commission taken on every sale.  Instead, we offer subscription packages which enable you to add to your bottom line and not incur the hefty fees that some other sites may charge.  And with the availability of advertising and store front options, snagRC is really the place for any size business to market their products.

- Individual sellers can take advantage of our Starter Package or Pro Package monthly subscription.
- Retailers, manufacturers and
distributors can take advantage at our low cost annual subscription, our advertising options and our store front capability.  If you are a retailer and don't have a website, our subscription services and store front is an ideal place to start.  

Key Benefits:

  • Cater to a target audience for radio control items
  • Ease of listing and selling products
  • Simple and low cost to sales membership options - Much cheaper to sell on snagRC than other similar sites
  • You set your price, return, refund and tax policies 
  • Sell anything R/C related
  • Trusted and secure platform
  • Immediate payments via PayPal
  • Dashboard and reporting
  • Storefront options
  • Advertising options
  • We don't take a commission!
  • We don't take a 10-12% fee on every sale!  We don't collect any fee on a sale and we also don't apply that fee to sales tax, like some other sites do.
  • We don't limit the listing of products based on UPS or GTIN codes

Fee comparison of a sale on snagRC versus a similar site:

* Does not include one-time snagRC membership fee.
** Assumes that item has free shipping.  If there is a shipping charge, then cost of sale will be even higher.

When you measure the ROI compared with the other sites, its easy to see the benefits of selling on snagRC. 

Buyers can come to snagRC and find exactly what you need.  There's no mixing of search results with items from other industries.  Find exactly what you want at a great price, made available through sellers on snagRC.  You pay no fees, you deal with reputable companies and individuals, you find the exact item/items you were looking for along with snagRC's goal of giving you a great user experience.

  • Purchase the right products at the right price
  • Final purchase price is often cheaper than other sites.  One contributing factor is that we don't charge sellers a fee on every sale.
  • Large selection of products from a large selection of sellers 
  • Ability to review seller policies
  • Ability to review and leave seller feedback
  • Ability to see and leave product feedback
  • Create a wish list, favorite sellers list and view your purchase history
  • Simple and easy checkout 
  • Secure and safe payments through PayPal
  • Integrated billing which means you don't have to log into PayPal every time you make a purchase on snagRC
  • Track and get updates on purchases 

Yes, anyone can buy and sell on snagRC.  
The first step is to create an account on snagRC

As a buyer, you will need a PayPal account to make purchases. 

As a seller, you will need a PayPal account to receive payments for the items you sell and you will need to choose your snagRC membership package.  We do have a trial membership if sellers would first like to try out snagRC.

There is no charge for buyers.

Sellers are charged a subscription fee.  There are membership options available which cater to the casual or business seller.

No, snagRC does not take any commission on sales.
No, you are purchasing items from sellers on snagRC.   Payments are done securely through PayPal. 
No, snagRC does not hold any funds.  Any monies from purchases or sales goes from the buyer's PayPal account directly into the seller's PayPal account. 
No. Once redeemed you need to upgrade to a Starter Package or Pro Package Membership.
Yes.  Both buyers and sellers are allowed to leave feedback.
Yes. snagRC is a safe and secure site.
Yes. Go into your profile and enter a new user name. If available, you will be able to save it.

Cancellation and refund policies are established by the seller.  However, we encourage sellers to offer fair and best practices policies.  Their overall rating on snagRC will be weighted based on their policies. 

Please contact the seller first.  If you need further assistance from snagRC, please contact us through the 'Resolution Center' via "My Account".
Yes. Click on 'My Account', then 'Site Preferences'. Edit as needed.
Yes. We have made advertising easy.  To advertise go to your dashboard, click on 'Advertising' and select the desired ad slot and duration.  Anyone can advertise but all requests go through an approval process.