SnagRC WIshlist

Rules and Policies

We are committed to having a platform that is secure, safe and fair to our users. There are requirements and guidelines that users must follow. In addition, we ask that all users review our User Agreement and Privacy Notice, which also contains Cookie information. Anything related to the radio controlled hobby industry can be sold on snagRC. Any item(s) that are not related to this industry are strictly prohibited from being listed on snagRC.  We ask sellers to adhere to this rule. 

As a buyer, when you buy or bid on an item, you're agreeing to purchase that item from the seller, as well as the related terms of that item. Your agreement and transaction is with the seller and not snagRC.

As a Seller, when you sell an item, you're agreeing to sell that item to the buyer, as well as the related terms of that item and fulfilling your obligation to deliver that item. Your agreement and transaction is with the buyer and not snagRC. Sellers are required to honor and follow their warranty and return policy, when applicable.

Sellers are not permitted to have duplicate listings.  While we have checks in place to avoid duplicate listings from the same seller, we also ask sellers to avoid circumventing our policy and having multiple listing for the same exact item. Sellers are responsible for collecting any taxes associated with the sale of an item on snagRC.

We request that both buyers and sellers leave feedback. Prior to leaving any negative feedback, try and work things out with the seller in the event that there was a problem with the transaction. snagRC will not tolerate the abuse of the feedback system. Threats or conditions should not be made in order to receive feedback.  Any offensive language will not be tolerated. The feedback system is intended to be fair and objective, based on user experience. 

Buying and Selling Outside of snagRC
Using snagRC as an avenue to buy or sell items outside of snagRC is strictly prohibited. Buyers and sellers lose the benefits of snagRC in the event that a transaction is completed outside of snagRC.  And most importantly, there is no benefit for selling or buying outside of snagRC; sellers do not save any fees by doing this and buyers have no recourse or protection from PayPal, in the event that there is a problem with the sale or transaction. 

Although we try to make listing an item simple and easy, we strongly suggest that you use your own images and write your own descriptions. Ensuring non-copyright and accurate images, descriptions and product details are the seller’s responsibility. If you use text or images that were created by someone else, you should have permission to use the text or images from the rights owner or creator. Please note that when you create a listing on snagRC, you give snagRC and it's members the permission, through our user agreement, to use your images and product details.

All listings must be for a physical item or tangible service specifically related to the radio control hobby industry. Titles of all listings must be related to the item being listed. Please do not use non-related words or other brand names as keywords to rank higher in search results.

 Item Location
Seller must specify an item location. Buyers like to know where the item is being shipped from as it helps to give them an idea of how much shipping will cost and how long it might take for the item to arrive. Having an inaccurate item location can cause confusion and lead to a poor experience for your buyer.

Terms and Conditions in a Listing
Sellers should be very clear and thorough about the terms of the transaction and include information about any taxes or other applicable fees, shipping and handling, and your return policy. Being upfront and honest about these terms helps build trust and provides a positive buying experience for your customers.  Buyer should read all the terms and conditions and by making a purchase from that seller, accepts the terms. 

Although offering returns is at the discretion of the seller, we encourage sellers to offer returns. Items that have returns will always attract more buyers. If you do accept returns, make sure you specify the time period in which you accept returns, who pays for the return postage, and how the refund is issued.